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Chemiluminescence analyzer
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Chemiluminescence analyzer


Model : YN-FGI

I . Brief :  It is a new speed & sensitive Chemiluminescence detector developing in recent years, its better than Spectrophotometer, and not need additional light, simple design , YN-FG1 use creative instant static injection technology for testing sample ( China patent No: ZL200420010266.6) . science structure and easy to operateIt can save Chemiluminescence reagent a lot . When testing one-piece or small quantities , its cost is just quarter to one-fifth compared with flowing injection , sensitivity   is above 10 times ; Take high-sensitive and low-noise PMT as Chemiluminescence detector , make the apparatus very sensitive and stable, it’s suitable to detect trace and micro-trace. Operation Software (English publish is availablae) is developed by ourselves , customers can set datas according to demands and observe all process of chemiluminescene reaction visually, computer can control and deal with datas automatically .

II . Applications

Industry, Agriculture, Environmental protection, Pharmacy, Immunology, Biochemistry, Clinical laboratory, Pathology, etc . It is specially fit for Scientific research and Teaching experiment specially .


III . Application fields

1.     Heavy metal inspection for Food safety .

2.     Chemical laboratory in college and university .

3.     Institute of Biotechnology .

4.     Physicochemical Lab in hospital .

IV . Technical parameter :

  • Sample test environment standard testing in Luminol H2O2-Cr3+ system -800V.
    1. Linear range 1×10-12~1×10-14g/ml
    2. Inspection limit 2×10-13g/ml
    3. Inspection accuracyRSD≤3%n=15
  • High-accuracy data collection system, controlled by micro-computer .

Expand control

Light wavelength range300nm--700nm

Sampling Frequency 20000/sit can guarantee testing data’s reality .

It can set reaction time (1s – 600s) freely .

  • Chemiluminescence tester .

1. Use high-sensitivity and low noise PMT .

2. Original operation protection system for PMT, it can make PMT’s life much longer .

3. Internal working negative high voltage is  -1000 V to 0 V, stability is more than 0.03% , Middle interval is 25Vit can meet engineers’ deamnds

  • Mode for Entering sample
    1. mode for entering sampleUse creative and innovate Instant Static Injection setting, easy structure .

2. testing accuracy : - 800V; RSD≤3%n=15, it can guarantee testing accuracy .

3. It can save Chemiluminescence reagent a lot .

English analysing system for datassystem software is included , it can appear all tested datas dynamicly .

1. Micro-processor can control CN-FG1’s work , and can scan and collect tested datas automatically , it can appear  several samples’ tested datas in one plot,  and  can generate working curve, Linear equations and related parameters automatically according to tested datas , It can read datas for tested samples directly , and can calculate samples’ testing results in 2 methods .

2. All tested results and processor datas can be removaled and printed by word or excel method,and can create analysing report automatically .

VI . Other property :

    1. Interface : USB ;
    2. Power voltage :  220V , 50HZ ;
    3. Instrument size : 400mm×290mm×280mm
    4.  Net weight for instrument 3.0Kg .
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