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Henan Nongda Xunjie Test Technology Co. Ltd

     (Original name: Henan Nongda Mechanical and Electrical RD Center) was established in 1992, which is an Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology of Henan Agricultural University, located in Zhengzhou, China . It is affiliated to the National Research Center for Wheat. We have already aimed at investigating agricultural analyzers for 20 years, including soil fertilizer testing instruments and rapid testing instruments for food security . Our products are widely used to analyze soil nutrients rapidly, pestcide residues in vegetables and fruits, available nutrients of nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus, potassium . Testing for heavy metals and water quality is available, too . Institute (company) is classified into 6 researching labs, there are chemiluminescence technology lab, optical biosensor lab, food safety lab, soil chemistry lab, dielectric properties lab and mechatronics lab, and is vitalized by combining study, research and production depending on Henan Agricultural University.

    We have already authored more than 30 patents and 1 latest China-level product. Many products are affirmed as a rapid analyzer for portable device by Agricultural Technology Extending Center of China. And we formulated 3 technical standard of speed test for China Agriculture Ministry , and 2 of them has already been implemented by China government .

   We finished 1 China-level key project sponsored by China S & T Ministry , and there will be 3 ministerial and provincial level key projects in the future . Three products (soil and fertilizer test instruemnts, rapid test instruments for food security and chemiluminescence analyzer) are highly recommended by China Analytical Instrument Union for using for Laboratory in 2012.

   Soil and fertilizer testing kits are used all over China, extending by Agricultural Technology Extending Center of China . Meanwhile, products are exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, United Arab, Indonesia, etc .

   You are welcomed to cooperate with us on business !

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