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Electronic Auger for Soil sample
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Electronic Auger for Soil sample


I . Model :  YN-STZ .

II . Logo :  Xunjie .

III . Mainly compontents : Bit for Taking soil, impact of block, extension rod, shear torsion bar, soil, generator, cable reel , etc .

Soil Sample Parameter



Power for Bitw

Engine Powerw

0 -- 200





IV . Performance :  With electric shock function ,  Auger head can get into soil predetermined depth , processing of shear, extraction , It can take soil sample 1M/min.  It is used to research on agricultural soils, crops, foresty, agricultural meteorology for getting soil sample quickly .

VI . Operation method : 

1.     Power is supplied by generator , electric pick make shock on impact of block with high speed and frequency , and break head for taking soil into predetermined soil depth .

2.     Put soil shear torsion bar into torsion rod hole , Rotate handle more than 90 degrees by hand .

3.     Hold handle and torsion bar by hands , take drill with soil sample by rotation upward .

4.     You can take soil sample from soil tank by soil shear torsion bar .

V . Advantages :

High-efficient , fast . easy to operate , original soil sample .

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